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Many Faces to Mental Illness :31

Andrea was featured on this PSA for Anchorage Community Mental Health Services

Mind Over Meds Pt. 3 7:17

Part 3 of KTUU’s series on the controversy over psychiatric drugs focuses on Andrea Schmook and John Fuget. Andrea has fully recovered after being diagnosed with schizophrenia, does not take psychiatric drugs and runs the consumer operated division of Anchorage Community Mental Health Center. John takes psychiatric drugs that he finds useful to function, and is slated to take Andrea’s position when she retires later this year.

Wings of Recovery 10:06

Documentary short film produced by Affinity Films

Song credit: Wind Beneath My Wings by Bette Midler used under fair use.


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Experience of Recovery

Personal accounts of persons who have experienced psychiatric disability—how they have struggled and coped to develop a more solid sense of themselves, their relationships, their living, learning, and working environments, and to meaning and purpose in life.

Peer to Peer Recovery: The Legacy of Wellness

Pioneer in recovery, Andrea Schmook retired from ACMHS to pursue a career in consulting in sunny California. She leaves behind the legacy of Consumer Driven Services and the Well-ness Innovation Center. Peer to Peer Supports are the key to recovery from severe mental illness and life-long wellness.

“Embracing Recovery: A Simple Yet Powerful Vision”

From NTAC’s Newsletter “networks” Winter 1999/2000 Mental Health Ills Deserve Equal Insurance Coverage. Article featured in the Anchorage Daily News, October 16, 2007

Recovery Zone

Feature: Consumer Leader Addresses Prop 63 4 Me

Mental Health Ills Deserve Equal Insurance Coverage

Article featured in the Anchorage Daily News, October 16, 2007

National Council Magazine