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 Through Mental Illness"Gracelyn Guyol, the autor of Healing Depression and Bipolar Disorder without Drugs, interviewed Andrea for her book. You can read Gracelyn's account of Andrea's healing process in Chapter 11, "Reconnecting Mind and Body: Prayer, Affirmations, Imagery, Yoga, and Meditation," pages 170-177. Just "click" on Gracelyn's book above to go to to purchase a copy of her book.



Wake Up . . . Live the Life You Love: Stories of Personal Transformation: Personal transformation often blossoms out of hopelessness and despair. At other times, it is driven by anguish and painstaking work. Even mere serendipity can lead to amazing life changes. In this inspiring collection of personal stories, you'll learn how others have met adversity, overcome harsh life circumstances, and created fulfilling lives of joyful bliss and abundance. Best-selling authors, healers, transformational leaders, teachers, coaches and others share the pivotal moments in their lives that led them down new and innovative paths. Mental Health Advocate Andrea Schmook, Motivational Speaker Anthony Robbins, International learning expert Paul R. Scheele, teacher and healer Chunyi Lin, Marie Diamond and Michael J. Bennett and Al Siebert join inspirational publisher Steven E in a salute to human growth.